Genmark Gencobot 4/3L, Robot, 3-Axis, GB4S (Ultraport)

Robot, 3-Axis, GB4S Genmark with Controller & Cables

Supplier Part Number: 715760 & 715761

OEM Part Number: 3LA110423

Product Family: AXi - Ultraport

Inventory Number: M1138

Manufacturer: August / Rudolph

Price: EUR 8,750.00

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Model. Gencobot 4/3L

Manufactured by Genmark in 2006

Model No. 3LA110423

Serial No. 4S0105461

Small Controller Model No. SMC1253

P/N. 9800107021

Full set of cables

Optional Genmark Pre-Aligner available on request (from original set)

Fully working system removed from August Ultraport Handler