Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Systems

Here at Multi 21 Solutions, we stock a variety of inspection and metrology equipment. Our solutions vary daily depending on market conditions. We can provide everything from thin film measurement and macro defect inspection tools to silicon wafer or film frame handlers. This section also includes major system components such as Metapulse Coherent lasers. Browse our current stock to search for your requirements or send us an email.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies

We’re proud to stock semiconductor systems from some of the best-known brands in the industry. Within our extensive portfolio, you can commonly find brands like:

Rudolph Technologies. Rudolph Technologies, a leading American semiconductor company, specialises in process and process control equipment and software for microelectronic manufacturing industries.
August Technology, Inc. August Technologies provides automated defect detection and product characterisation systems for microelectronic device manufacturers.
Camtek. We’re currently harvesting a Falcon 530 macro inspection system from Camtek for spare semiconductor parts.

Semiconductor Systems for All Budgets

We can help you source quality semiconductor spares and equipment, regardless of your budget. If you have a restricted financial budget, we can discount our system price against a trade-in of unwanted parts or one of your older systems.

Our trade-in service allows companies to access semiconductor systems that would, otherwise, be unaffordable. So, you can upgrade your fleet without breaking the bank.

Alternatively, we can also offer rental or lease programmes for fixed periods.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us to learn about our latest stock of equipment and discuss your semiconductor manufacturing requirements.