Multi-21 Solutions, a Leader in the Semiconductor Industry

We’re passionate about connecting semiconductor manufacturers with the parts they need for increased efficiency and productivity.

Multi-21 Solutions is a leading provider of re-manufactured equipment, services and materials for global semiconductor customers.  We specialize at finding the best value solution for your company and connecting you with the finest quality semiconductor equipment parts on the market.

Multi-21 Solution’s Semiconductor Industry Experience

Our team of expert staff have many decades of experience working in Scotland’s Silicon Valley. Throughout our careers, we’ve focused on supporting manufacturing companies throughout Europe and the rest of the world, sourcing & stocking vital equipment parts, enabling vital life-servicing on Prometrix, Tencor, Nanometrics, August, Camtek and Rudolph equipment.

Our extensive background has allowed us to develop an intimate understanding of semiconductor manufacturing company’s needs. While we support a range of systems and equipment requirements, our specialities lie in inspection and metrology equipment.

How We Work

We help companies find the right semiconductor equipment & parts as well as buy their used systems or surplus spares.

As part of our services, we take responsibility for making sure every part we stock is up to standards and can be relied on to get the job done.

In our Class 1,000 clean room facility, we dismantle equipment and harvest key system parts. Our system experts can then ensure the maintenance and undertake any necessary repairs to keep your  legacy production tools in good condition.

All parts go through our NSX hybrid test equipment in our contamination-free area to guarantee the operational quality, before packaging the semiconductor equipment parts in an anti-static controlled environment.

We stand behind the quality of our legacy equipment inventory, and as such all parts come with a warranty and 100% refund.

Multi-21 Solution’s Client Services

Over the years, we’ve established a network of +100 semiconductor, disc drive, solar and MEMS manufacturing clients. We deliver tested, quality assured & warranted parts to every part of the world within 72 hours using DHL Express.

In several cases, we have provided a third-party buyer service to help expedite delivery. Large companies are tied to their Oracle / SAP type systems which create long delays for new supplier registration and restrictive payment terms for one-off emergency orders. Using a middle-man status, Multi-21 can help circumvent such delays and purchase parts on clients’ behalf & deliver within days, thereby quickly returning urgently required fab equipment back to production status. If you believe this could be a useful service, please contact us to discuss such an arrangement.

Contact Us

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