Quality Assured Parts for Legacy Macro Inspection & Metrology Equipment

Here at Multi-21 Solutions, our mission is helping Semiconductor, MEMS and Hard-Drive manufacturing companies stay on top of their game and remain competitive by providing high quality equipment parts at very competitive pricing. We source all of our semiconductor equipment spares and components for well-known manufacturers like August, KLA, Rudolph and Camtek. Everything advertised on this site is physically in-stock and has either been machine tested or is new old stock (NOS) to ensure the best value to our customers and trust in Multi-21.

Benefits of Obsolescence Management by Multi-21

Our support of legacy equipment offers equipment owners & users many key benefits:

  • Provide cost-effective repair solutions
  • A system user license is not required to purchase parts, unlike with the OEMs
  • Supply of high-quality spares and parts at a low cost
  • Significantly extend semiconductor equipment operational lifetime
  • Improve the functionality of macro inspection & film thickness measurement tools
  • Maintain & repair discontinued production tools
  • Enhance operational quality with our machine-tested, supplier / OEM parts

As an added bonus, all our spares are protected by a 28 day warranty, unless otherwise stated. So you can have peace of mind from our quality assurance.

All our website pricing is ex-works Scotland and is available for shipment by the next working day.

Equipment, Spares & Materials from Multi-21

Chip-making equipment needs to be renewed regularly to ensure it keeps up with the latest technological advances. And, as a result, we’re able to access quality and cost-efficient second-hand legacy equipment from leading manufacturers.

We specialize in sourcing and supplying obsolete and end-of-life parts for discontinued inspection and metrology semiconductor equipment from suppliers such as Rudolph Technologies, KLA, Camtek and August Technology.

We provide a 28 day “parts loan service” that allows our clients to trouble-shoot their faulty equipment. Retained part(s) are purchased and remaining parts are returned for re-test / re-stocking at Multi-21 for a greatly reduced fee. Please inquire for further details.

Browse our entire collection today or speak to one of our dedicated engineers for more details.

Supported Semiconductor Equipment Companies

Rudolph Technologies (now ONTO Innovation)

We stock parts for Rudolph Technologies, a leading North American semiconductor equipment company specializing in macro inspection, film thickness measurement and process control software for the microelectronic & disc drive manufacturing industries.

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August Technology Inc.

We stock parts for August Technology Inc., which was acquired by Rudolph Technologies in 2006. August Technologies provides automated defect detection and product characterization systems for microelectronic device manufacturers. Multi-21 is the industry leader in sourcing discontinued & obsolete spares for their NSX and AXi systems.

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We’re currently harvesting a Falcon 530 macro inspection system from Camtek for spare semiconductor parts. Camtek is a leading manufacturer of metrology and inspection equipment.

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Equipment Trade-In Service

Here at Multi-21, we offer a comprehensive trade-in service. We’re always interested in discussing trade-ins. Simply contact us to find out more or visit our trade-in page to start your online journey.

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About Multi-21 Solutions

Founder and owner, Martin Molan ( (1) Martin Molan | LinkedIn ) on his retirement from EU Director General of ONTO Innovation (formerly August / Rudolph Technologies) chose to create a business focused on clients with obsolete equipment, enabling them to operate for many more years to come. Our highly experienced staff have over 65 years of combined management & engineering experience based in Scotland’s Silicon Valley, supporting clients 24/7 around the globe. Our extensive background in inspection and metrology equipment means that we understand the challenges and can proactively support our customers’ equipment performance needs.

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