Rudolph Technologies Inc. Semiconductor Components

We’re a key provider of Rudolph Technologies equipment and spare parts. Rudolph Technologies is an established semiconductor equipment manufacturing company specialising in process and process control equipment and software for microelectronic manufacturing industries.

Discover Rudolph Spare Parts

Macro Inspection Equipment

Here at Multi 21, we supply parts for the following AOI equipment:

  • Rudolph NSX95
  • Rudolph NSX100
  • Rudolph NSX105
  • Rudolph NSX115
  • Rudolph AXi930
  • Rudolph AXi935
  • Rudolph AXi940
  • Rudolph F30

Rudolph Metrology Equipment

We can also supply parts for Rudolph metrology equipment including:

  • MetaPulse MP200 / MP300
  • FEVII, S200
  • S300

Hard-to-Find Legacy Equipment from Rudolph

We also stock hard-to-find semiconductor parts such as a 5 Watt Coherent laser for a MetaPulse machine, or Odyssey & Genesis computer boards for NSX equipment, and inspection / review cameras for macro inspection systems.

Additional Rudolph System Parts and Equipment

We also support Wafer Handler System (WHS200) and Universal Frame Handlers (UFH), from NSK controllers to power supplies.

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